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Deep Thoughts With Kevin

October 6th, 2008 by Kevin

Spent the weekend re-roofing the main outpost of the MN Militia and wow…that\’s alot of work.  End result is the following:

  • 12 times the word \”oops\” was uttered
  • 4 times the phrase \”oh shit\” was used
  • 8 times the phrase \”well, we\’ll cover that up\” was offered
  • 7 times the phrase \”Shit! Watch out below!!!!\” was screamed
  • 1 unplanned hole created in roof
  • 1 unplanned hole fixed
  • 4 fingers/thumbs smashed
  • 2 ankles twisted
  • 2 \”minor\” falls (Minor is defined as one story or less)
  • Oh….and we shingled a roof too.

Ahhh, good times….let\’s hope we don\’t have to do that again.  But now onto what you really want….the linky stuff.

\"\" According to Rasmussen, 59% of the public would vote to replace the entire Congress with a SpongeBob doll. Ok I made that up…actually they\’d vote to dump the current Congress and start over. My initial reaction to that isn\’t shock that a majority would vote that way, I\’m actually more concerned about the 41% who thinks there is something worth salvaging in our current Congress?

\"\" Bad News : The financial industry is a mess. Good news : The side-effects puts Ahmadinejad in serious jeopardy.

\"\" Oh goodie, we\’ll all monitoring devices in our vehicles by 2012. As if the absolute dearth of non-craptastic vehicles wasn\’t enough of a reason to not buy a new vehicle until absolutely necessary.

\"\" Heh, this looks like progress. Iraq is thinking about buying a bunch of F-16s from us. Since air support is one of the major reasons the Iraqis still need our help, this is a good sign. Plus since F-16s are largely antiquated (at least compared to us) there isn\’t much worry of them being used against us.

\"\" A message from Obama\’s teleprompter….absolutely hilarious and a must see!

\"\" If you thought conservatives being so worried about the moderator in the Palin vs Biden debate, remember that back in the primaries, the Democrats wouldn\’t even debate EACH OTHER because it was on Fox News.

\"\" A good response for McCain to all those attempts by Obama to tie him to George Bush. Which means McCain will probably never use it.

\"\" The new naturalization test to become a new US citizen. How do you do?

\"\" Lady has a wild drunken weekend in a cow costume…THEN things get weird.

\"\" What campaign ads would look like if the voting age was 6. Oh the possibilities!

\"\" According to Popular Mechanics, the top 100 skills everyone should know.

\"\" Yeah, McCain\’s concession of Michigan could probably have been handled better.

\"\" I was recently asked my prediction for the 2008 Presidential election, and unfortunately I have to stand by my prediction from last year, McCain loses. And data like the polling data discussed here is part of the reason why.

\"\" Ok if you thought that YouTube video of the young kids singing about the greatness of Obama North Korea-style was creepy, then chances are you aren\’t gonna find this non-scary either.

\"\" CNN confirms the obvious…Obama almost always votes lock-step with the Democrats….no aisle crossing or bipartisanship there. McCain\’s record on the other hand does tend to support his \”maverick\” status.

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2 Responses

  1. steve Says:

    Please explain your last point. From the very article you list, McCain is lock step with the republicans more than Obama votes with the Democrats.

    Are you lying, or just an idiot?

  2. Kevin Says:

    Apparently reading comprehension is not one of your skills??

    Full record
    Obama voted with Democrats 96%
    McCain voted with Republicans 86%

    Key votes
    Obama voted with Democrats 97%
    McCain voted with Republicans 79%

    Try again idiot.