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The Most Honest, Ethical And Open Congress?

When Nancy Pelosi took over the House Speaker position, she famously declared

We pledge to make this the most honest, ethical, and open Congress in history

Which makes me wonder why, when I went to her official website blog, she has closed comments on all her rantings. Clearly this is some definition of \”open\” I wasn\’t previously familiar with. I guess I would have figured that since her Congress is so \”open\” she would be willing to hear from those she means to rule.

It\’s especially ironic considering one of her promises was

Achieve energy independence within 10 years by investing America\’s energy dollars in the Midwest instead of the Middle East.

and the reason I was visiting her site was because she has recessed the House without addressing any sort of energy legislation. Hell Republicans are still in Washington, protesting on the House floor how we need energy legislation. Meanwhile San Fran Nan would rather head out on her book tour, although admittedly that appears to be necessary, considering her book is selling absolutely horribly.

So rather than achieve energy independence, she\’s left to line her own pockets, while leaving Americans to suffer under high gas prices. Honest, ethical and open indeed.