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Daytime TV Sucks

June 24th, 2008 by Kevin

Which is something I\’ve become somewhat of an expert on.  I\’ve been down sick for a good week now, and my doctor has confirmed a trendy case of mono (I feel like I\’m in high school).  So blogging will take place between bouts of sleeping and napping and cursing.

What I have learned so far is that….

  • Daytime TV sucks….no seriously, it\’s awful.  Much more of this and I\’ll end up watching soaps out of desperation
  • Most of the internet sucks…no seriously, it\’s awful.  And it\’s completely possible to exhaust the cool parts of it
  • When I was in HS mono earned you coolness points….those points were well deserved, this sucks.
  • Perpetually napping makes daytime TV even worse….since everything is a repeat of what was broadcast about two hours ago.
  • Considering the number of channels my dish gets, this degree of suckitude doesn\’t seem mathematically possible.

I\’m tempted to liveblog my napping schedule for tomorrow but that sounds like too much work.

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4 Responses

  1. Uncle Ben Says:

    Have you tried a book? Their level of suckitude varies, but if you avoid Jane Austen and Salman Rushdie your chances go up.

  2. Bryan Dresselhaus Says:

    Daytime radio is much better. KTLK has Rush, Hannity, and Jason Lewis. Its a balanced diet for conservatives :mrgreen:

  3. LearnedFoot Says:

    I’ve got seasons 1 and 2 (and 3? – can’t remember) of The Office on DVD. I could drop them off at Ecker Forward HQ if you want ’em, provided that you soak them in alcohol and set them on fire before returning them to me.

  4. Diamond Dog Says:

    I visited this blog to learn your reaction the the 2nd Amendment SCOTUS decision. Sadly, I read references to an illness. Spending some time in your FAQ and comments and archives, I can find no details.
    I hope your recovery is speedy and complete, Kevin. I’ll include you in my prayers. I hope this is nothing serious, but it sounds somewhat so. 🙁