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Lack Of Creativity Is No Defense

April 16th, 2008 by Kevin

Okay I don\’t care who started it, but this insanity has GOT to stop. I know everyone is doing it but for the sake of originality and basic intelligence, can we PLEASE stop adding \”-gate\” onto the end of every damn political \”scandal\” no matter how minor??

It stopped being original 36 years ago. It stopped being cute about 30 years ago. It started being annoying about 10 years ago. Now we\’re officially passed the threshold of fucking stupid.


Bittergate?!?? You have got to be kidding me.

Not only is it unoriginal but it makes no sense. Answer me a quick question, was Watergate all about water?? Was it about well drilling rights or anything even remotely related to water?? No, it was the name of the damn hotel.

Wrightgate, Snipergate, Bittergate, FuckingStupidGate

Knock it off, you look like idiots.

I realize the \”Obama is out of touch and looks down upon small town voters\” scandal doesn\’t have quite the ring to it, but I\’m sure with a little thought you can come up with something. You bloggers you\’re creative. You MSMers, well you\’re getting paid for this type of crap aren\’t you???

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One Response

  1. jroosh Says:

    As Steven Colbert would say:

    Two Words: Eckergate.