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I Change My Mind – Bring On The Messiah

April 15th, 2008 by Kevin

Conventional Wisdom has always been that it would be preferable for McCain to face Hillary in the general election, because she was the weaker candidate. I\’ve changed my mind….bring on the bitter Messiah.

Sure Clinton (both of them) appear to have a major problem telling the truth and that would work well in a general election, but McCain is so damn buddy buddy with her I doubt he\’d be able to round up the gumption to go after her when she did lie.

Plus if Obama is going to continue to make unprovoked career ending statements…..well, I\’m liking our chances more and more. Seriously, after his \”bitter\” comments the campaign ads just sorta write themselves.

If McCain faces Obama in the general election and he doesn\’t have a national ad along this lines running at least once a month between now and November, he deserves to lose.

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