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2008 Predictions

January 1st, 2008 by Kevin

Ok it\’s time for my yearly predictions….

  • Some famous people will probably die again, possibly even a few I\’ve heard of
  • The American public will fall into deep depression upon realizing this political banter they\’ve listened to for a year already is only half over.
  • Microsoft products? Yeah, we\’re in for another year of suck
  • Democrats will continue to campaign against Bush, still oblivious to the fact that he is not running for office
  • Despite claims by crazy liberals across the intertubes, Bush will not declare a fascist dictatorship after the 2008 elections
  • North American Union? Yup still a crazy conspiracy theory
  • Vikings? Yeah, they still suck
  • Wild? Made a run for the Cup in 2008, didn\’t quite get there.
  • Actual reason for the 35W bridge collapse will be revealed. It will be ignored as Democrats want to blame Pawlenty and Molnau instead.
  • Border fence??? Still none, DHS continues to make excuses. Makes claims of miles of fence being erected while ignoring that it\’s simply the single-tier variety more suitable for cattle farms than national borders. And also ignoring that they were directed by Congress to put up the Israel/San Diego double-tier style fence.
  • NYT?? Still a professional anti-America propaganda machine
  • Despite repeated claims as to the importance of the issue, Congress continues to take no official action on immigration
  • However, state level action, combined with no promise of federal amnesty, causes many illegals to self-deport on a national scale.
  • The economy is unaffected by this exodus, and Americans step up to do jobs that Americans won\’t do.
  • A large scale offensive by terrorists in Iraq, similar to the Tet offensive of Vietnam. And while it will cause a large PR hit the war in America, it will not have the same devastating effect on the war effort that Tet did. It will however, had the same devastating casualties for Al Qaeda as it did for the Vietnamese.
  • Republican nominee? McCain
  • Democratic nominee? Obama
  • Election winner? Obama
  • Terrorist attack on US soil
  • Coleman loses to Ciresi
  • Supreme Court finally rules on the Second Amendment. Their findings, while cementing an individuals rights to own firearms, does permit states to pass limited legislation restricting where they can be used.
  • Nobody is happy with the ruling, with all sides declaring it a horrible compromise. Gun Control activists declare that the Wild West will return to America….this does not happen. Anti Gun Control activists declare it the beginning of fascism….this also does not happen. Essentially a status quo is maintained.
  • Gas prices reach another all-time high this summer. Liberals continuously amazed when the free market adjusts accordingly
  • Liberals continue to push oil independence, while simultaneously opposing any progress on anything that would actually achieve oil independence, like drilling or building new refineries.
  • Towards the end of 2008, the ethanol bubble begins to burst.
  • Global warming continues to be a hot topic in 2008, and while opposition to the Goracle dire proclamations continues to rise, it does not reach critical mass yet.
  • \”Carbon footprint\” becomes a key advertising catch-phrase.
  • Economy slows and becomes relatively stagnant, growing only very slowly. Liberals seize upon this as a campaign issue.

And that should be 2008.

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4 Responses

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  2. J. Ewing Says:

    Well, you are well on your way to having one right. The Omnibus bill REMOVED funding for The Fence in order to pay for “other priorities.” Why Republicans haven’t already started beating Democrats about the head and shoulders with this is another of those mysteries.

  3. Chief Says:

    Great stuff Kevin,

    I believe you are right on at least 80%, and unfortunately very possibly on Obama and Cerisi

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