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Two Wrongs Don\’t Make A Right….Except In Politics

This is really ridiculous. There was a time when even political opponents granted the other side at least a basic level of respect and intelligence. But to see just how stupid the Democrats in Congress think the American public is, is sort of…..well, depressing. Although it explains why they are so anxious to create a public dependent on the government. They must think we can\’t even tie our shoes without their help.

I refer to of course the latest hubbub about Rush Limbaugh. If you\’ve lived under a rock the past couple days I\’ll fill ya in, or you can go to the source. Basically Rush is talking about the Democrats belittling our troops. Some caller calls in stating that they only time the libs associate or talk to a soldier it\’s one of these fakers. Rush coins the term \”phony soldier\” and immediately begins talking about Jesse Macbeth, a guy that claimed to be an Army Ranger and recounted all sorts of horrible tales of atrocities in Iraq he witnessed. Well not only is he not a Ranger, he wasn\’t in Iraq, he\’s not even in the military because he washed out of boot after a couple days because….well, he didn\’t cut it.

Sadly this is a fairly common ploy for the left. If you need someone to criticize the military with integrity, get some guy/gal to claim they are an Iraqi vet, even if it isn\’t true. Then when the truth comes out, pull the \”fake but accurate\” card.

It\’s one thing for activists on either side of the aisle to trade accusations like this, but when politicians get involve it definitely smells of an attempt to legitimize the claim. I mean I understand the intentions, it\’s basically to sideline big voices like Rush so that it\’s harder for him to direct the course of public debate as we officially enter campaign season. However, typically they pick events that have the barest shred of credibility.

So the fact that this attempt is being made tells me one of two things

  1. They have absolutely nothing, but think we\’re dumb enough to fall for this
  2. They think the American public is absolutely brain dead that it\’s no problem just to make shit up

I\’m not sure there is a bit of difference between the two.

I\’m used to politicians, even Republicans, getting a little bit of the Ivory Tower Syndrome and thinking they are smarter than the rest of us. But seriously guys, you\’re not even pretending any more are you??

PS Oh and if you\’re gonna pull these stunts, when you are making up lies about a \”phony soldiers\” attack, at least make sure your frontman isn\’t himself a \”phony soldier\”.