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Selling Your Soul No Longer A Political Necessity

October 31st, 2007 by Kevin

Whenever objections are made to any of Rudy Giuliani\’s numerous shortcomings, the response from his supporters are the same.

\”He\’s our only chance to beat Hillary!!!\”

As if that was a good enough reason to sell out one\’s principles. Rather than make a stand on one\’s beliefs and high standards, we\’re supposed to cast those aside in order to prevent a President Clinton.

Gun Control??
Heh, it only violates one measly constitutional amendment, stop being so uptight!

Heh, they can\’t even vote yet! Screw em!

Gay Marriage
Heh, it\’s not like it\’s an attack on the fundamental building block of our society or anything!

Oh come on….national sovereignty is sooooo 20th century.

Yup according to his supporters, lest ye be forced to bow before the temple of Hillary, we are all required to sell out our political souls and embrace that which is Rudy.

Or maybe not….

According to a recent Rasmussen poll (arguably the most accurate of the major pollsters), Hillary doesn\’t generate a majority against ANY Republican candidate….even 9/11 Truther Ron Paul. When you average with past polls, Hillary tops out at 48%.

So if half the country is committed to voting against Hillary, regardless of who the Republican candidate is, why are we supposed to just accept Rudy as the price that needs to be paid to avoid a President Hillary?? Especially when one considers that…

In the latest Rasmussen Reports polling, Clinton gets 47% against Fred Thompson, 48% against Mitt Romney, 48% against Mike Huckabee, 44% against Rudy Giuliani, and 44% against John McCain.

To me that looks like any of the Republican candidates stands a decent chance against Hillary. And when one considers the polling data for other candidates, Giuliani looks even less impressive.

Candidate Def. FOR Def. AGAINST Net
Clinton 35% 46% -11
Giuliani 29% 43% -14
Thompson 24% 39% -15
Obama 25% 43% -18
McCain 19% 39% -20
Edwards 20% 43% -23
Romney 16% 45% -29

Considering all above data, to me it appears as if both Rudy and Thompson are equally positioned to do battle with Hillary in 08. However, for only one of these two candidates do we have to abdicate many core conservative positions. As I\’ve paraphrased before, \”if one gives up his principles to gain electability, he will gain either and lose both.\”

Sorry Rudyheads, I\’ll stick to my principles and be able to keep my head high regardless of the outcome in November 08.

For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?
Mark 8:36-37

UPDATE : Due to some confusion, let me clarify my point further…

My point being that many Rudy supporters cite him being the only chance to beat Hillary as their primary reason,or at least a major one, for supporting him.

I tried to show above how that is a completely ludicrous statement.  A number of the candidates are more than capable of beating Hillary.  And she doesn\’t poll well regardless of who the Republican candidate is.  So why embrace, or even accept, a candidate that requires you to toss out so many of your principles?

If you\’re so eager to sell out your principles, did you really have them in the first place?

Yes, no candidate is perfect, even Reagan wasn\’t.  However, why not push for a candidate that comes the closest??  And if Rudy is that candidate, personally I have some doubts on what your definition of \”conservative\” is.

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6 Responses

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  2. C.B. Says:

    That is why Mike Huckabee should be the Republican Nominee in 2008,

  3. J. Ewing Says:

    Brilliant! You had me worried for a bit, talking about “accepting” a President Hillary as a small price to pay to maintain your principles. I’m afraid ALL of my principles would be violated by a Hillary win, and that would be in her first year in office. Heaven help us after that. No, I would prefer Thompson or maybe Romney over Giuliani, but if Rudy is the nominee he will get my enthusiastic support. The price is simply too high to do other wise.

  4. Gino Says:

    it goes beyond the polling, to who is SOB enough to launch and run the camapign necessary to win.
    dole should have clobbered clinton, but the clinton machine kept the dole machine off balance and on defense, leaving otherwise dole supportors demoralized an unlikely to bother voting.
    a highly energized clinton camp still did not muster a majority. they didnt need to, and played the game accordingly.

    rudy, for all his faults, is a nasty SOB of a politician who is fearless of criticism and has the strong stomach to launch blistering scorched earth attacks, the kind the GOP will be recieving from the dems.

    i’m not GOP, and not voting for rudy anyway.

    but wanted to add my point.

  5. Rev. Mother Says:

    Hey Kevin,
    You quoted scripture. Do you actually read that book?

  6. Kevin Says:

    Gino : Funny that you cite a demoralized Dole base as being part of his problem. How motivated do you think a base is going to be for a candidate that only agrees with half their issues???

    I’m not sure I would regard “Who is the bigger A-hole” as the best measure of who should be president.

    RM : hehe, it’s one of the few quotes I remember. I’ve only read it cover to cover twice. And that is back when I was losing faith with the Catholic Church, as I was trying to find some sort of a reason to stick with it.