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Ceasefire Declared

Well this Sunday was the second annual Blog Wars, destined to go down in history as Blog Wars II : Attack of the Cockleburr.  And I must say it was a great success.  Much fun was had, and we raised a very nice sum of money for Soldier\’s Angels, alot more than last year!  In fact we raised more then was raised at the MilF golf tournament on Friday, and there were more people involved in that! It\’s wonderful to see that fun can be had and we still accomplish something in the process.

On the paintball front it was rather interesting.  While it was held at the same place we played on different fields which were ALOT different than last year.  Much bigger, denser foliage.  Firefights tended to be isolated and short.  In many cases, players came across each other by accident, and to very mutual surprise.

Most had not played very much, for some it was their first time.  Yet others were veterans at this game, and I dare say the veterans got the worse end of the deal as largely they were some of the first ones out.  Some of that might be due to more aggressive play, but it\’s also likely that those paintball rookies also learned very quickly.  Heck, even AAA forced me to surrender on one of the last games of the day, although I managed to paste him multiple times in previous games.

I was a little concerned how the Nightwriter would weather the day, being a temporal veteran but a paintball rookie. When he was hit literally 10 seconds into the first game I feared this might become a long day for him.  However, by the end of the day he was holding his own.  Even managed to almost singlehandly hold my left flank, while another rookie (Garrett) held the right flank.  This allowed me the freedom to advance and get ahold of the flag.  Then while Nightwriter, with help from others kept our opponents busy, Garret was able to escort me to the opponents base.  This turned out to be necessary as I needed him to keep another straggler busy while I sprinted for the opponents base for the big win.  By far, I had the easy job, that game the win was definitely delivered by what used to be rookies.

We did try to play the game of President again, and for the first time the President lived, and the terrorists were positively steamrolled.  In fact, that\’s how AAA was able to force me to surrender.  Out of nowhere they appeared in front of a small bunker I was using.  And while looking around one side of the bunker I neglected to notice AAA sprinting up the other side.  Fortunately I turned just in time to see him about five feet away with his gun up.  Considering as a Secret Service agent he can\’t die, it didn\’t seem intelligent to try to shoot him.  More the pity really. Quite a crack team of Secret Service agents, although I did manage to \”kill\” a Secret Service agent in my brief firefight with them.  Without going into details, let me just say that in the future, nut-cups will be required equipment.

All in all, lots of fun, and we\’ll definitely be returning for a third annual Blog Wars, tentatively titled Blog Wars III : Revenge Of The Balls.