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Blog Wars II : Hostilities Imminent

\"BlueNegotiations have broken down, hostilities are imminent. Blogs Wars II is less than a week away, and all forces are at DEFCON 2. I\’ve got a list of interested parties, many of which will be returning parties but also a few new entries. And it\’s not too late for new participants to register and declare war on their fellow bloggers, blog readers, or just barely innocent civilians. In fact there are already a few rather interesting pair-ups in participants which should bring some rather interesting on-field dynamics to the already hectic action.

If you\’re interested, here are some of the details:

Sunday, August 26th at 1:30 pm, at the Adventure Zone fields in Rosemount, will be the 2007 Blogosphere Battle Royale, also known as Blog Wars II : Attack of the Cockleburr. Address is

13410 Court House Blvd
Rosemount, MN

Cost varies but I would say you can count on spending $50 at least….it all depends on how much paint you want to buy and how generous you want to be to charity.

Also…. \"Purple

I\’ve had a few questions on equipment, Adventure Zone rents the Tippman Custom 98s, which is a decent baseline gun. They are famous for being rugged and reliable. The old saying is you can run it over with a truck, pick it up and it\’ll shoot. Hence the reason fields love \’em. Individuals tend to like them because they are very customizable.

Some have questioned if they should be buying their own guns, which if you plan on playing alot is always a good question. I will never discourage that, but the best gun will not make you a good player. However, if you do want to invest money in something, I would suggest your first option should be a mask. It\’s always nice to be able to put on a mask that fits me and I have adjusted to fit me without the little pinches that can irritate on the field.

But Adventure Zone has done a decent job of keeping up their equipment which is why I\’m staying with them this year. And if you don\’t want to invest lots of money in paintball equipment, you can get along just fine without.