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Blog Wars II : Rescheduled

Ok the field finally got back to me and so the details are now set, here they are

Who : You, all bloggers, all blog readers, anyone that has heard the word \”blog\”, anyone that knows how to spell (plus AAA).

What : Paintball for charity…we get to shoot each other, and despite our bruises we feel good about it cause we\’re raising money for a good cause!!

When : Sunday, August 26th (the weekend after the MILF)  Game starts at 2 pm, be there by 1:30 pm.  Game ends when Learned Foot starts crying

Where : The Adventure Zone in Rosemount, same place as last year but I\’ve reserved a different field.  Map

Why : Because it\’s fun and you\’d love to raise money for Soldier\’s Angels, the MOBs favorite charity.

How : Well first of all contact me and let me know you\’re coming, then show up!!  Bring money.

Cost : $35 for the package deal, plus your donation to charity.

That gets you everything you need plus 250 rds of paint.  You\’ll use more paint than that though, so I would highly recommend teaming up with one or two other people and buying a box (2000 rds).  Or if you do alot of killing like me, just buy a box for yourself.  If you really want to save money buy the box in advance at their Pro Shop in Burnsville, location is at the website.

Any other questions, by all means contact me and/or leave a comment on this post.

NOTE : I\’m not bothering extending a specific invitation to the lefties this year (although they are welcome to come).  But as we learned they are pansies and afraid of anything not involving tofu, so not worth my time.