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Presidential Chatroom

April 24th, 2007 by Kevin

So apparently this next election will bring the beginning on online debates between the presidential candidates. It\’s being compared to the first televised debate between Kennedy and Nixon. Which is stupid, because the if nothing else an online chatroom goes backwards from a televised debate. Remember, the good part about the televised debate was you could see the candidates. Now you couldn\’t see OR hear them. But since this idea came out of the Huffington Post, we shouldn\’t be surprised.

But it got me thinking. What would an online presidential debate look like. Especially if it took the form of a typical chatroom?? Well, considering my thankfully limited experience in online chatrooms, I offer this probably very accurate prediction

** Hi11ary has joined chatroom **
** McCain has joined chatroom **
** BaRock! has joined chatroom **
** Da Mayor has joined chatroom **
** MiTT has joined chatroom **
** 4Honey has joined chatroom **

Hi11ary : Waz up Homies?
Da Mayor : Heh
4Honey : What up girlfriend?
MiTT : WTF? Who is 4Honey?
McCain : 4Honey, ASL???
4Honey : 53, Male, North Carolina
Hi11ary : Is that Edwards?!??
4Honey : :-)))))))
BaRock! : D00d u r SO gay
McCain : LOL!
Da Mayor : Not that there is anything wrong with that
Hi11ary : ROFLMAO!
4Honey : STFU Noob!! You\’re gay!
BaRock! : LOL ooooh burn!
4Honey : Heh, at least my initials aren\’t BO!
McCain : Lame!
MiTT : Seriously. Loserville, Population You
4Honey : BMA
BaRock! : 4Honey Flamewar!
4Honey : u little biotchs! i m gunna kick ur asses
McCain : With what? ur giant hair?
Hi11ary : LOL!
4Honey : FU
** 4Honey has left chatroom **
BaRock! : LOL!!
MiTT : ROFL!!!!!!1!!
McCain : hehe
Hi11ary : :-)))))))))))))))
Da Mayor : BOT
McCain : OK topic?
Hi11ary : Boobs
BaRock! : ???
Hi11ary : Sorry, Bill got ahold of keyboard
McCain : hehe
MiTT : doods, I raised some major bling
BaRock! : noob, I beat ya
Hi11ary : I p4wned both you
McCain : I sux
Da Mayor : Yup
BaRock! : LOL
Hi11ary : BMan, did Soros help you out?
BaRock! : Why tell you?
MiTT : u noobs know what team talk is?
BaRock! : stfu
McCain : fu Osama
Da Mayor : :-O
Hi11ary : Not cool dood
MiTT : HS!!
BaRock! : focking weak asshole
McCain : whateva dood, s is like so next to b on the kybd
Da Mayor : uh? no??
McCain : whateva
BaRock! : u r a fucking asshole
Hi11ary : *nods*
Da Mayor : Seriously man
MiTT : dood say sorry, this is lame
McCain : f that
BaRock! : that bullshit
McCain : u r
** BaRock! booted for language violation **
McCain : LOL
Da Mayor : weak
Hi11ary : totally
MiTT : Well just us guys left
Hi11ary : Heh!!!
McCain : like u count
Da Mayor : LOL
McCain : cons outnumber libs though
Hi11ary : neocons you mean
MiTT : poor lib, whining already
Da Mayor : LOL, stupid libs
Hi11ary : whateva, Im more conservative than u r
Da Mayor : am not!
Hi11ary : r 2
McCain : hehe
MiTT : Billary 1 Mayor Lib 0
Da Mayor : fu
** Manbearpig has joined conversation **
Manbearpig : Save the planet!
MiTT : o no
Da Mayor : lame
Hi11ary : Gore u r supposed 2 b watching Bill

McCain : LOL
Manbearpig : did u guys c my oscar?
MiTT : dood, this chatroom is 4 presidential candidates
Manbearpig : I had to talk about an Inconvenient Truth!
Manbearpig : the planet has a fever!!
Manbearpig : what is ur carboon f00tprint?

McCain : dork alert!
Da Mayor : u realize u r using electricity which creates carbon right?
Manbearpig : yeah i am rich i just buy carbon offsets
MiTT : dood i heard a penguin was drowning
Manbearpig : where?
MiTT : the zoo
Manbearpig : thanx
** Manbearpig has left chatroom **
Hi11ary : thanx
Da Mayor : me 2
McCain : me 3
** Kucinich has joined chatroom **
Kucinich : u tards told me the wrong chatroom!
MiTT : shit, he found us
Hi11ary : sux
Da Mayor : GTR cya
** Da Mayor has left chatroom **
MiTT : me 2
** MiTT has left chatroom **
** Hi11ary has left chatroom **
McCain : l8r
** McCain has left chatroom**
Kucinich : this sux

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5 Responses

  1. The Lady Logician Says:

    😆 Dude – I about spit tea all over the keyboard when Meanbearpig hit the chat room…..


  2. jroosh Says:

    dood, LOL!

  3. Leo Pusateri Says:

    Classic! 😆

  4. Mrs. Who Says:

    O.M.G. Even my teen sons were rotfl at this.

  5. DJ EZD Says:

    Eck, that’s the funniest thing I’ve read in a long while. Hah, great post!