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Blog Wars II : Attack of the Cockleburr Update

April 9th, 2007 by Kevin

Ok I have a tentative date, time and location for this years Blog Wars. Information is as followed

Who : You….bloggers, blog readers, etc

What : Paintball!!

When : Sunday, June 3rd at approximately 1 pm

Where : Adventure Zone Paintball (same as last year) map can be found at the site.

Why : To have fun and raise a little money for a charity (to be announced)

How : Either send me an email, or leave a comment below, so I know we have enough people to hold it. I won\’t ask for money up front, but I\’d like to know who is interested.

Feel free to invite those who might be interested. Even if you haven\’t played before you\’ll have fun. I think most of the people that attended last year had not played before so that\’s not a valid excuse.

Note : I don\’t know that I\’ll even bother formally inviting the lefties this year. While they talk a big game, that\’s all they got. Which is alot like their politics. However, if you are a lefty, you\’re more than welcome to show up and prove you\’re not a tree-hugging pansy.

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3 Responses

  1. Ready Says:

    They’re reluctant to patronize any organization the doesn’t have the words Center, Media, or Society in the name

  2. Uncle Ben Says:

    Count me in. It was fun to shoot people and I’d like to do it again.

  3. Night Writer Says:

    I’m definitely interested. Let me check the executive calendar (which they don’t let me carry).