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Blog Wars II : Attack of the Cockleburr Reminder

On Sunday, June 3rd, the blogosphere battle royal Blog Wars II will be taking place at 1 pm. I think everyone from last year is returning to play. Plus we\’ve gotten a few additional people signing on, but we still have plenty of room for more targets participants. Feel free to invite friends if you want. We\’ll have to see if we can\’t get one of those pansies from NARN to show up too.

From talking to people I\’ll answer some frequently asked questions

Where\’s it being held??

It\’s being held at the same field as last year. You can find a map on their website.

How much does it cost??

Well, they have several package deals. If you want a Tippman 98 gun, which is a standard gun but still very very capable, it\’ll cost you $35. If you want to upgrade to an A-5 gun, it\’s $45. This will get you few hundred rounds of paint (which won\’t be enough). So plan some additional money for more paint. I know several people last year went into together on a case, which are $50 apiece.

Also we\’ll be playing for charity so count your contribution in there.

What should I bring???

Well if you use your own equipment bring that for sure, otherwise the field will provide you the equipment you absolutely need to play. However, I would suggest comfortable shoes/boots as you will do alot of running on uneven ground. I\’d also suggest clothing that covers your entire body as you\’ll also do alot of crawling and jumping behind trees. I\’d suggest some loose fighting clothing as it helps take the sting from the paint. You don\’t need camo, although you are welcome to wear it, but most people last year did not.

Does it hurt?

Yes and no. Yes it hurts in some cases, however, it doesn\’t hurt near as much as you probably think. The first one is the worst and once you\’ve gotten over that mental hurtle you\’re free. Besides, most people have so much adrenaline going through their system they barely feel it. Well….until the next morning when you count up your bruises.

Can I shoot you?

Sure…most people look forward to that

I\’ve never played…

Most of the people from last year had not either. But that didn\’t stop them.

Any other questions let me know…