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Blog Wars II : Attack of the Cockleburr Planning Begins

March 31st, 2007 by Kevin

It just occurred to me I haven\’t really even started on planning the Second Annual Blog Wars fundraiser event.  So for those that attended last year, or are interested in attending this year, here\’s your chance for input

  1. Date…any dates work especially best.  For planning purposes I think we need to look at least a month out. Preferences?
  2. Location…last year we used the field in Rosemount.  I\’m open to switching fields if it works better for people.  Preferences?
  3. Charity…last year we used Soldiers Angels, which is a worthy charity and I\’m not opposed to contributing to them again.  But I think I kind of had it in my head that it\’d be a rotating charity thing.  This year, I was sort of thinking of Neil Duncan…but I\’m open to suggestions.
  4. Do we even bother inviting the hippies liberals this year?  Last year I made an effort to round them up, but while they talked a big game when it came time to actually put it on the line they dropped faster than a hooker in Bangkok.

That is all.

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