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Open Letter to Sen Coleman and Rep-Elect Walz

January 3rd, 2007 by Kevin

Sen Coleman and Rep-Elect Walz,

According to a recent article in the Star Tribune, you apparently agree that we need a guest worker program. Let me state that Minnesota does NOT need more foreign workers. We need a plan to put hard-working Americans (not foreigners) into the jobs left vacant by the recent raids.

In cities across the country, Swift & Co quickly filled the slots left vacant by the illegal aliens with legal workers. Legal workers ready and willing to do a job stolen by foreigners that are willing to work for pennies on the dollar. Those jobs are not held be Americans, of every race and creed. Why do you believe that this won’t happen in Minnesota as well??

Just because Swift & Co wants cheap foreign labor, is no reason to give them a guest worker program. If you indeed represent the common man, you’ll deny them that program, forcing them to pay decent wages and provide better working conditions in an industry that has long used illegals as a crutch to keep wages low.

Thanks to the Swift raids, those wages are now coming back up and conditions are improving. Improving because instead of wages being kept artificially low by exploiting illegals, the industry has been exposed to the free market and as a result everyone benefits. Especially the legal hard-working Americans now doing those jobs. Jobs American will do, if paid properly.

Guestworker programs are bad public policy. While they serve the interests of big business, they do not serve the national interest. They reward past illegal conduct, which only serves to encourages future lawlessness.

If Swift & Co still insists it needs more workers it can use wages and benefits to attract more workers. Just like every other industry has had to do.

I hope you’ll listen to reason,

Kevin Ecker

[Sent to both legislators in response to a NumbersUSA Action Alert. Go to their website to learn how you can get involved]

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