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January 29th, 2007 by Kevin

Really….did you expect any different?

Would you survive in the wild?

Your Result: Yesiree!….

You could live in the wild if you wanted to! You know what to eat, do, and stay away from! You could get shelter, food, water fast and easy-and the right treatments to injuries, snake bites etc…You know the outdoors like the back of your hand!!

Most likely you'll survive….
Not to sure…
Wouldn't last 2 minutes!…..
Would you survive in the wild?
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I was an Eagle Scout and a member of the Order of the Arrow, so it's nice to see I picked up something here and there. But honestly the test isn't that hard, and alot of it is just commonsense (admittedly not common). Keep to the basics, don't panic and be prepared.

[H/T to Bogus Doug]

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3 Responses

  1. Mall Diva Says:

    You’re right, Kevi. That test wasn’t hard at all, considering I got the same results as you.

  2. Kevin Says:

    I think these results cover most people. Most of the difference probably fall in the bottom half.

    You’ll notice all my points fell in the “Most likely you’ll survive” category. Doug had point spread across the spectrum.

  3. Harvey Says:

    I got a yesiree, but I had a few maybe points.

    Fact is, some of them I only got because they were multiple choice, so I’m not sure how “yesiree” I really am.