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Immigration Snark

January 8th, 2007 by Kevin

It has been pointed out to me that my repeated use of individual examples of illegal aliens committing crimes does not tell the whole story.  Because I do not also cite examples of illegal aliens doing good things and/or legal residents committing those same crimes.  Because I do not give proper context, my use of such stories are "disingenuous" and "misleading".

I disagree.

You're right I do not present what percentage of illegal aliens commit heinous crimes.  It should be obvious that not every illegal alien commits heinous criminal acts.  However, by definition every illegal alien IS a criminal.  And one only needs to look at the disportionate number of illegals in prison to draw a few conclusions.

You're right I don't cite examples of legal residents doing the exact same crimes.  However, there is an overwhelming difference between the two.  The illegal alien shouldn't be here!! The crime shouldn't even have taken place because it's perpetrator shouldn't have been at the scene of the crime!  This is a crime that was 600% preventable, if only we had real border security.

Granted my postings of outrageous crimes by illegal aliens fall within the category of snark and bitterness.  However, the fact is these are real life examples of our governments complete failure to enact any sort of border enforcement. 

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