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Icy Storm Blasts South, Global Warming Blamed

January 18th, 2007 by Kevin


A bone-rattling blast of sleet and snow kept Texas and Oklahoma residents shivering in its icy grip, while a blizzard north of Los Angeles, California, caused 18-wheelers to jackknife.

At least 65 storm-related deaths have been reported in nine states since Friday, including 10 in Texas and 23 in Oklahoma.

The Alamo was closed Wednesday, as was a 300-mile stretch of Interstate 10 in Texas from Fort Stockton to San Antonio.

Much of the brunt of the latest Southern storms was to move east Thursday — but the reprieve may be short-lived. Another barrage was expected to bring up to 8 inches of snow to the Plains by late Friday.

Al Gore was unavailable for comment.  The renowned advocate for a "low carbon footprint" was last seen flying around in his personal jet.  His spokesman, in a parka at the time, did state that Gore still believes that the theory of human caused global warming is absolute fact and that anyone that thinks otherwise is a go freeze to death in a snowbank.

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  1. mo Says:

    don’t worry gore will return during the summer when “global warming” returns to the northern hemisphere.