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Liberals Come Up With A Sick Idea

December 7th, 2006 by Kevin

Liberals Come Up With A Sick Idea

Looks like the fun has already begun….that is if you are a very sick individual

With the Democratic Congress expected to move quickly to raise the minimum wage, many Democrats, women\’s organizations and liberal groups are gearing up for a fight on another workplace issue: paid sick days.

Yup you know where the socialists are taking this one…

Senator Edward M. Kennedy, a Massachusetts Democrat, introduced a bill last year to require companies with at least 15 employees to provide seven paid sick days a year, but that bill languished in the Republican-led Congress.

Ok it looks like it\’s time for a lesson in Economics….we\’ll start simple

Lesson 1 : Money doesn\’t grow on trees

Lesson 2 : Your boss is not made of money

Now granted your parents should have taught you both of those already, but since you liberals seem stuck in perpetual childhood and/or your parents were too busy hugging trees and doing LSD to….well, parent, I understand. But still let\’s move on.

Now as you see above, money just doesn\’t appear out of mid-air. But you should be familiar with that concept since you keep asking for more of it for your precious socialist projects every damn year. So you accept the fact that this money has to come from somewhere.

Now let\’s take the example cited above, a 15 person company. Now, beware, there is math ahead!!

7 sick days = 7 days of lost productivity

Still with me??? Good, because now is where the actual math comes in…

7 days times 15 employees = 105 days of lost productivity per year
The May 2005 Annual Mean Salary was $37,870, so let\’s use that for now.
$37,870 per year comes out to roughly $103.75 per day, on average
$103.75 times 105 days equals roughly $10,893 in government mandated lost productivity per year for a company of 15 employees.

Now every employee you add on, adds an additional drain of $726.25 per year. And for every $1k increase in pay for your employee, it\’s an additional cost of $19.17 in lost productivity per year.

So basically you can consider this bill an additional tax of over $10 grand on a small business.

Now what does that all mean?? Well as a business owner of a small business it sucks. First of all, you can\’t just eat that cost, it\’s gotta go somewhere. More than likely two groups will suffer. The employees and the customers. The employees will likely see a freeze in pay increases. The customers will see an increase in cost. That hurts who??? The middle class and the poor who can\’t afford either one.

Now there is more to it, as Mr. Joe Blow, business owner, you have to consider how to manage your business, to keep it profitable and therefore keep yourself in business. Now let\’s say things around the shop start getting busy. Now if you hire someone new you pick up seven more sick days you are required to dole out. So either that person has better be able to demonstrate an average of $726.25 of productivity over everyone else, or else you gotta come up with the money someplace else. More than likely you\’ll just have your current employees kick in some overtime to cover gap. For your employees that means less time with their families, but what it really means is they are probably gonna lose about 7 days over the course of the year an hour of overtime at a time. Once again, who are you hurting??? The middle class and the poor. And already you are costing jobs.

Not to mention this is completely unnecessary. In a free market these type of things evolve naturally. Employer A really needs more quality people. He doesn\’t offer sick days…but Employer B offers five!! So Employer A has a choice. Either continue making do with fewer employees and/or lower quality ones. OR he can increase his benefits by offering say seven sick days. Suddenly he\’s the better employer, and since it happens as the company grows to support the additional costs those nasty side-effects are minimalized.

The point being (pay attention liberals!!) if you create a business friendly environment, simple competition (capitalism!!!) will create higher wages, less hours, more benefits, and other assorted goodies over time. Whenever the government tries to get it\’s nose in anything, it by definition becomes less efficient (that\’s BAD!!!) and less fair to the people (that\’s also BAD!!!).

So do us a favor liberals, leave us alone and we\’ll promise not to sneeze on you.

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2 Responses

  1. unclebenjamin Says:

    This is idiotic. Human nature being what it is employees will take advantage of at least some of their sick days when they otherwise might have worked. I like businesses that offer a combined sick day/personal leave/vacation time package. If you are a sick person then you lose vacation time. In any case, it should be the market that determines what goes on. Democrats are idiots.

  2. Harvey Says:

    I promise NOTHING!

    *sneezes on liberal*