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2006 Time Person Of The Year : Me!!

December 18th, 2006 by Kevin

Ok, so unless you live in a cave you\’ve heard that Time selected their Person of the Year. They picked me….and millions like me. Basically anyone that has heard of the internet is the Person of the Year. That\’s right you are that special…just like everyone else.

Now understandably, lots and lots of people have ridiculed this choice. And perhaps rightly so.

I however, applaud it. Not because it partly pays tribute to blogs but because it\’s such a fitting, although probably accidental, tribute to this culture we\’ve created. In these days where even competitive games on the playground are blamed for self-esteem problems, it\’s perhaps very appropriate to name everyone the Person of the Year, lest anyone\’s feelings be hurt. Let\’s all gather in our Time Magazine sponsored group hug and enjoy that fact that we\’re all winners. At least until someone rubs enough braincells together to realize that if everyone is a winner, everyone is also a loser.

Congrats Time magazine, you almost certainly accidentally demonstrated what is wrong with this politically correct society of ours.

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