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Covert Operations Complete

November 20th, 2006 by Kevin

As you may have noticed we\’ve been idle lately….that\’s because I was away with most of the rest of the MN Militia on yet another hunting trip to South Dakota. We built upon our previous scouting trip and managed to improve our results quite a bit, but still wasn\’t satisfactory for our tastes. Really what we\’re aiming for is to fill out by noon, be drunk at the bar by 3, stuffed at a steakhouse by 6, and drunk at the bar again by 9. While all but the first were accomplished, not nearly on the timeframe we were hoping for. So if anyone has any suggestions/tips/etc on pheasant hunting in South Dakota, by all means please feel free to leave them in the comments or else drop me an email.

Regardless it was alot of fun. There was beer. Spent the time with friends and family. I had a loaded firearm in my hands a majority of the time. Some progress was made in the quest to turn my dog into a good hunting dog. Beer, did I mention that? Oh and I was completely isolated from the outside world.

It\’s easy to forget that there are places in the world that aren\’t very nice when you are walking amongst fields of grass that extend to the horizon and are occasionally broken up by farmsteads. It\’s easy to forget about politics when you are walking in a seemingless endless field of cattails over your head when you realize you haven\’t seen your dog in several minutes. It\’s easy to forget that I have a blog when the most frequent example I see of human technology is the occasional broken down farm truck abandoned decades ago in a field.

After all the activity that election time brings to someone who is interested and active in politics, it was a nice break. A chance to reconnect with what is really important and the reason why I still blog after almost 5 years of doing it. It was also a chance in introduce two potential new members of the MN Militia.

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