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Scheduling In Minnesota 101

I would have thought this was a speech not necessary to give. However, it seems some people are not yet aware that some dates in Minnesota are sacrosanct. It is rather ironic that an event advertising itself as dealing with the issues important to voters is itself ignoring some activities that are important to much of the state, and indeed is a very large portion of our states economy.

So I'd like to welcome the staff of 1280AM – The Patriot to Minnesota. Granted you are not the only ones to commit this faux pas, but since you pretend to care about the voters I figure you should be educated here.

Welcome to Minnesota. We are an outdoorsy people with tight family bonds. Many of us were born and raised and expect to die here. It is likely that our children will do the same. As a result, traditions run strong here. Now granted your audience is probably people here in the Twin Cities. However, even us city folk have strong connections to rural Minnesota. If we weren't born there, more than likely we have immediate relatives living there. And there is also a very good chance we own property in rural Minnesota so we can "spend the weekend out at the lake".

Keep that in mind, because it helps you understand why the following dates are not to be messed with. Some vary from year to year, so it's wise to look them up ahead of time.

Keep in mind that when you plan things, if you plan them for one of these dates, you are automatically eliminating a very significant portion of Minnesotas population from being able to attend your event.

This is especially important if you are planning an event to discuss issues important to Minnesota voters, as it makes you look extremely silly.