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An Evening With Kline and Kennedy

September 17th, 2006 by Kevin

Was invited to, and attended, a small (50 people) casual gathering with special guests US Representatives John Kline and Mark Kennedy. Also in attendance were State Rep Lloyd Cybart and State Senator Chris Gerlach. An fantastic chance to have a chat with some of my local politicians and discuss the status of many of the local campaigns, as well as just catch up with people that you meet at such events.

In there speeches to the group as a whole, both Kline and Kennedy highlight how, while a lot of bills get passed in the House, very little of it becomes law. Mostly due to the fact that the Senate doesn\’t do a damn thing. So very few of the bills make it through the Senate and become law. In other words, the Senate needs help, and Kennedy is definitely a step in the right direction. As an added plus, there would be a Senator Kennedy whose passengers wouldn\’t have to worry about drowning in a river.

Also got to meet a couple new people, including one Lance Huston who is running for Mayor of Apple Valley. I had not previously been aware of his campaign so it was nice to get a chance to meet with him and from chatting with him on the issues, I wholeheartedly endorse him.

Also it appears as if I\’ve been nominated to develop a website for Minnesota CD37 Republican Party. I\’m more than willing to accept suggestions and advice from anyone that\’s had to do this.

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