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Larry Is NOT A Professional Diplomat

August 1st, 2006 by Kevin

Today while listening to talk radio and found myself damn near moved to insanity by one caller. Basically the summation of his argument regarding the situation surrounding Israel, was \”Get \’er done\”, a phrase he repeated approximately 42 times during his 45 second call.

Ok let me start by saying I enjoy the Blue Collar Comedy Tour just as much as the next guy. Especially Ron White who if he is ever in Minnesota is welcome to my liquor cabinet. That being said, if you are taking your foreign policy advice from a comedian wearing a sleeveless lumberjack shirt who successfully exploits the stereotype of lazy rednecks for his persona, well…\’re an idiot.

\”Get \’er done\” is not a foreign policy, it\’s a punchline. The point at which it was clever and witty ended approximately 1.2 second after the first time Larry uttered it.

He\’s successful, rich and funny because he was clever and thought of a way to market it properly and knows how to make it work on stage. You are an idiot because not only do you think you\’re clever for stealingusing it, but also to think it successfully encapsulates a rational approach to international relations.

Please caller, stick your head in a rusty vice.

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9 Responses

  1. spurringirl Says:

    I can do one hell of a Ron White impression. Can I have access to your liquor cabinet?

    The left rear wheel fell off. It fell the $^$#@ off, turning my van into a tripod, spinning me into a dimension of pissed of I have never been before in my life. This was a tire guy, he didn’t somedays work on radiators. I found out later that Sears had sent him to tire . . . college. For three days. Well, apparently he missed lug nut day, but they still let him work on my van. So, I’m suing them and I hope I win too, because they’ll have to change the name of Sears tower to Ron White’s Big Old $#^#$ing Building. You can all come over and party too! We are going to have a lot of room. “Hey Ron, should we clean up?” #$^$# NO, let’s just move to a different floor. We’ll conga up there. Somebody grab my butt!

  2. spurringirl Says:

    ice clinking . . .

    I drink too much. Other people learn things when I drink. For instance, a limo driver learned the other day that if I say I gotta yak . . . it doesn’t mean I have a long haired buffalo living in my backyard.

    “Really, what do you feed it?”


  3. spurringirl Says:

    I wasn’t trying to start any shit with the little chili boy. I was just making late night conversation.

    “Well, I’ll have you know that Cincinnati is the chili capital of the woyld”

    Well, excuuuuse me for thinking it might be Mexico City or Guadalagoddamnhara. I bet you didn’t even let the Mexican boys know you were having a contest. Because they would have come up here with a goat and an onion and kicked your ass. Course, he’d need a ride home. Can’t ride home on a bowl of goat. I’ve always said that.

  4. drunkguy Says:

    I clearly don’t drink enough during the day…

  5. spurringirl Says:

    Still a tad drunk from last night.

  6. drunkguy Says:

    you don’t say.. in that case, i clearly don’t drink enough, period.

  7. Night Writer Says:

    Ron White as Nasrallah:

    “I don’t know how many of the IDF it would take to kick my ass, but I knew how many they were going to use!”

  8. spurringirl Says:

    “Overkill. Handy little piece of information to have right there.”

  9. spurringirl Says:

    I lost my sunglasses the other day and had to buy new ones. I found a pair that I liked. I didn’t love them. I.liked.’em. Two hundred and twelve bucks.

    And so I asked the guy, real politely, “How do you sleep at night you $#^%$ing prick?”

    Turns out the glasses got basic cable and I felt like a dickhead.