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Which SitCom Character??

June 23rd, 2006 by Kevin

Grrr, I\’ve been laying low and trying to keep to myself, but I knew it was only a matter of time. I\’ve been tagged with a meme. And bloggers, as we all know, are physically incapable of resisting memes.

Besides…this one actually made me think. Which sitcom character would I want to be?? Sitcom?? They still make those??

Well….tough decision. I mean what one-sided stereotypical character do I go for??

I mean my first impulse would be The Fonz, I mean who is cooler than Fonzie of Happy Days???

On the other hand, he was a dropout and probably was never gonna leave that damn diner. So how about Monty Burns, who basically owns Springfield and has enough money to do something pretty freaking cool every episode.

Hmmm, but then again he\’s old and boring. So how about Stan (the father) from American Dad!….think about it a gun-happy CIA weapons expert who worships Reagan and is able to taser damn near anyone.

Maybe I\’ll alternate amongst them.

Now who do I tag that hasn\’t already been tagged???

Hmmm, ever since Hugh Hewitt tagged Nihilist this thing has bounced around the MOB….we must spread the wealth. So Harvey of Bad Example, take that! Who else to torture? Well their father already got tagged, but I tag the two youngest members of the Nightwriter clan.

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  1. Night Writer Says:

    You think I let my kids watch television?