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BREAKING : Dangerous Group Detected!

June 23rd, 2006 by Kevin

We\’ve been alerted that a very dangerous entity has come of age within our society.

This group has become even more dangerous lately, alarming officials at all levels. The sources which this group uses to get what they need to commit their heinous acts are unknown. Unknown even to many within the organization itself, so fiercely are they protected. Their methods do no seem to follow any defined set of rules/standards recognizable either in the US or worldwide. As a result they have managed to penetrate the US government at all levels, apparently even with agents within the White House itself!

Despite repeated attempts by our government, this group has managed to defeat and elude some of the best our intelligence agencies have to offer. Ironically, the appear to do this by abusing the very freedoms that make our country great. And in doing so have made some of our best anti-terrorism efforts futile.

While, public awareness has caused their funding to dwindle slightly, they still take in more than enough cash to do their damage. In fact, some otherwise upstanding Americans, may be indirectly funding this monstrosity without even knowing it so cleverly do they disguise their methods.

It is difficult to determine exactly how many American deaths this group has caused. It can easily be assumed to be a significant number due to their expertise in defeating and neutralizing American intelligence efforts, thereby making terrorist actions by other unaffilated groups that much more likely to succeed.

In recent days, their opposition to US efforts in Iraq and the War on Terror in general has increased. It can safely be assumed that they will not diminish in their efforts to foil efforts by the US to defeat terrorism both home and abroad. This group clearly can no longer be ignored and must be dealt with immediatly.

I hereby call upon President Bush and the federal government in general to deal with the New York Times and prosecute them to the fullest extent of the law. Thank you.

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