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We Don\’t Need Amnesty Or Deportation

May 17th, 2006 by Kevin

Awhile back I proposed an immigration plan I thought would work. Today I read an article that almost point for point demonstrated that not only would it work, it would barely require any additional work on our part nor any new laws.

Fear of deportation is at an all-time high, she said, as rumors of raids by immigration agents sweep through the community almost daily. \”I think it\’s created a mental sickness, where people are depressed,\” she said. \”Who wants to be thinking any minute you\’re going to be arrested?\”


Police aren\’t focusing on the laborers more now, said Rojas and other day laborers. It\’s the employers who have changed. Crew chiefs have grown increasingly skittish about hiring illegal immigrants, they said, prompting more workers to try places like Florida and New Orleans instead.

Combine even the threat of deportation with employers unwilling to hire illegal immigrants and they will go elsewhere. In this case no additional legal risk has been forced upon employers, law enforcement is simply enforcing laws already on the books. They shown they are willing to nail employers and if they find illegals they\’ll nail them too.

As a result illegals are going elsewhere. If done on a nationwide scale, what do you think the result would be? I\’ll let an illegal answer that for me (it\’s one of those jobs I won\’t do)

Cordova, who has entered the United States illegally several times before, said he\’s never had such a hard time finding work. If something doesn\’t change soon, Cordova said, he\’s going back to Guanajuato.

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8 Responses

  1. Tony B Says:

    Kevin, I don’t want those employees to go elsewhere. I’m of the mind that people working PRODUCE wealth. Now, people sucking off the government teat are another thing. But people here working and producing things, I’m all for it.

  2. Drunkguy Says:

    sounds like tony is promoting the breaking of the law… so he’d be okay if i went over to his house, broke in, ate his food, drank his wine, serviced his wife and had him pay for the broken leg i got when his son thought he was protecting his family and hit me with a baseball bat.. oh and in return for all that i’ll clean his bathroom. sounds like a plan to me.. tony, whats your address?

    note: i assume that tony is fortunat enough to have a wife and a kid that would stand up for his family, since he wouldn’t cuz as long as his bathroom got clean, there was work done and thats a step in the right direction..

  3. Tony B Says:

    Jesus, of course that isn’t what I’m saying. I don’t like car theft either. That doesn’t mean I think it’s a good idea to have the national guard called out to keep people from stealing cars.

    BTW, if you want to rape my wife, I’m going through a nasty divorce, I’ll be more than happy to give you her address. You’ll have to stand in line, however.

  4. drunkguy5 Says:

    Its exactly what you are saying. My crime might be a bit harsher if your definition of “Servicing your wife” is rape (I didn’t intend it to be, but it still works)

    You are right the National Guard has no horse in this race, but we aren’t talking about them. We are talking about you being for people breaking the law as long as they get some work done at the same time. I could deliver pizzas in a stolen car, and be free and clear under your logic. It doesn’t work that way… We have laws in place. Its not okay to break them, though we all do now and then for our own reasons, but if you get caught, you should serve the punishment. Well there are a lot of illegals that risk getting caught, there punishment should be a one way ticket back to their homeland… I don’t care if they are best bus boy in the state, if that’s their life dream, tell them to come in through the front door and pay taxes and do it the right way.

    Thanks for the offer of the wife. Mrs. Drunkguy wouldn’t be impressed. And given how highly you speak of her, she sounds like a peach… best of luck with all that.

  5. Kevin Says:

    Tony if you had a few million cars stolen every year all in one area, I imagine you’d think differently of someone deploying the national guard.

    And while I understand you are going through a difficult time with your divorce and I symphathize, I will not have anyone condoning rape on this site. Consider that a final warning.

  6. Tony B Says:

    Kevin, you’re right. It was a joke in response to the previous post talking about coming over to my house and “servicing my wife” and something involving my son. It was a joke, and a tasteless one. My apologies.

    I’m more than happy to debate the original point was trying to make, though.

  7. Tony B Says:

    I am not at ALL advocating breaking the law. What I am saying is that it is a matter of perspective and proportion. I would MUCH prefer that we know WHO is coming into the country. What I advocate is that we make it easier for people to come into the nation and work LEGALLY. I WANT people to come and work here. Demographically, Hispanic men are THE most employed group in our nation.

    I fully understand that I’m in the minority in this view. I’d probably be on your side of the argument if it was whether we should give government aid to immigrints, but people who are here to work? I say, by all means, come aboard and welcome to the land of oppurtunity.

    Also, one more time. I really do apologize for the rape thing. I was trying to make a joke and I was wrong. It wasn’t that funny in retrospect.

  8. Kevin Says:

    Neither of us are argueing against LEGAL immigration. I’m fully for legal immigration….well within reason. We can only take so many at a time.

    However, we have a problem with illegal immigration. Putting guards on the border doesn’t affect illegal immigration in the slightest.

    Illegal immigration drives down wages because employers can pay them shit because they know the illegals can’t complain.

    With legal immigration we can control the numbers coming here because we know how much demand there is for that type of worker at any given time.

    Illegal/Uncontrolled Legal = Bad
    Controlled Legal = Good