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Hugh Hewitt Photoshop Contest

March 28th, 2006 by Kevin

I\’ve wanted to win Hugh Hewitt\’s Crosley Solo Blog Contest for awhile now. But because of some horrible commercials playing on 1280 AM – The Patriot I\’ve been boycotting the station for awhile now. And since one of the requirements of the contest is you blog about some topic you heard Hugh ranting about, that makes it a bit difficult since webcasts at work are fragile at best. Alas, my Crosley Solo Radio has remained unwon.

So imagine my joy when generalissimo announced yet another Photoshop contest to promote Hugh Hewitt\’s new book. Of course, I can\’t pass up a good chance at :
A) Free stuff
2) Free Blog plugs
C) World Domination
NOTE : Still trying to figure out how to work \”C\” into the plan.

Nevertheless, I have some surefire winners here, so the rest of you don\’t need to bother trying. But I\’ll appreciate your vote when the time comes!

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